Career Exploration Tools are just that -- tools. They are NOT magic tests or predictors of exactly what you are meant to do. They help you think about and uncover interests, skills, motivators to use in your exploration of the many occupations that are out there.
It can be difficult and often overwhelming to evaluate your own unique characteristics and find where they fit in with the more than 30,000 careers available in today’s workforce. Even people who have been in the workforce for years may not have discovered the exact job that provides adequate enjoyment, challenge, and satisfaction. It is extremely important to spend some time thinking about yourself, specifically what you like, what you’re good at, and what’s important to you in a job. These areas can also be referred to as your interests, skills, and values. It is also critical to spend time exploring the numerous career areas in the world of work and learn about how to get into the ones that interest you.
Please find a list below of free, online resources.