People who work in computer technology: install and maintain computer and wireless networks; troubleshoot hardware and software problems; create software applications; and manage databases. IT professionals can be found in virtually all industries. Utilize the occupational links below to learn more.
Common entry-level job titles:
Computer Operator; Hardware Technician; Network Administrator; End-User Support Technician; Help-Desk Specialist
Bachelor Degree options in Maine

The listings below are only suggestions and are subject to change. It is always best to check directly with the college for the most current information. [last update: Dec 13]

Computer Science
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Computer Science
Science, Technology, & Society
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Business and Technology
Computer Information Systems *articulation agreement info
Software Development
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Information Technology - Applied Technology
Information Technology - Information Systems
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BS Information Technology (online)

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Business Studies, Computer IT (online)
Computer IT (online)
Computer IT/Cybersecurity (online) 
Computer IT/Database Management (online)  
Computer IT/Network & Telecom Management (online) 
Computer IT/Software Development (online)   
Technical Management
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Computer Science
Information Technology Management
Security and Cyber-Defense
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Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Technology
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Computer Information Systems (campus or online)
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Computer Applications: Business
Computer Applications: Geographic Information Systems
Computer Applications: Information Security
Computer Applications: Self-Designed
Computer Applications: Web Development
Electronic Commerce
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Management Information Systems
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Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Technology Management, Construction Management concentration 
Technology Management, Industrial Management concentration 
Technology Management, Information & Communications Technology concentration
Technology Management, Precision Manufacturing concentration 
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