Bachelor degree options in Maine
The listings below are only suggestions and are subject to change. It is always best to check directly with the college for the most current information. [last update: Dec 13]
Business Administration *articulation agreement info
Hospitality & Tourism Management (Bangor only) *articulation agreement info
Viewed:283 times
Business Administration (campus or online)
Viewed:311 times
Business Administration (campus or online)
Viewed:278 times
Business: Small Business Management (campus, hybrid)
Viewed:322 times
Entrepreneurship/Small Business
Hospitality Management
Hotel & Restaurant Management
Viewed:323 times
Business Administration: Small Business (campus or online)
Viewed:329 times
Business & Entrepreneurial Studies
Viewed:266 times
Business Administration
Food Science & Human Nutrition
Sustainable Agriculture
Viewed:282 times
Business Administration
Viewed:281 times
General Management: Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Tourism & Hospitality
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