An Associate's degree in Education provides a theoretical and practical foundation of study towards careers in education, social services, and other education-based careers.
Examples of entry-level job titles:
Educational Technician; Education Paraprofessional; Instructional Aide; Paraeducator; Teaching Assistant
*Applicants to an education program should be aware that a criminal background check may be required while they are enrolled in the program, or as a condition of employment in the field; certain internship and/or practicum sites, such as schools, child care facilities, may limit or deny clinical privileges to those who have a prior or current criminal record; and certain licensing boards may refuse to issue a license to practice based upon prior or current criminal offense(s).  
Maine State Childcare Regulations also must be met. Some examples include: must be 18 years of age, "a history of honest and lawful conduct," allegations of child abuse, convictions of substance abuse to name a few.