What is a precision machinist?
A machinist is a highly skilled, highly trained technician, who having studied the metallurgical arts is able to apply advanced mathematics along with a deep understanding of machine tools and manufacturing processes to create value added products that are not readily available in the general marketplace. A CNC machinist is an information age knowledge worker, who applies a specialized understanding of computer controlled machine tools, advanced mathematics, precision measurement and who has the ability to control a three dimensional work envelop that produces complex mechanical components to exacting specifications.
What skills are required? Strong math, communication and problem-solving skills are needed. Precision machinists must be knowledgeable in many areas such as computer systems, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Machining (CAM), manufacturing processes, machine tools and metallurgy.
Where are they employed? Precision machinists are employed in all types of industries including aerospace, textile, agriculture, electronics and manufacturing industries such as machinery manufacturing and transportation equipment manufacturing.