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Resources for job seeks, employers, community partners
Training, Assistance, and Events for Maine's Small Businesses (and becoming one!)
We help individuals recognize strengths, overcome barriers, find resources, develop a plan, take action towards their goals: start a business, find a career, return to school, build assets, be active in the community.
Provides comprehensive business management assistance to the small business community through a network of professional, certified, business counselors.
A state-wide nonprofit organization with multiple chapters. Membership is open to all, regardless of gender. Through monthly chapter meetings and other programming, Maine Women's Network represents and supports hundreds of women in business across the state.
National nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide. Mentors (free), workshops (small fee).
Statewide association for unemployed and under-employed professionals. We provide free professional development training to unemployed and under-employed professionals who agree to donate their services to the business community as volunteers participating on a per project basis.
New Hampshire
If you have a large enough search radius, the site will search in NH and MA as well.
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Create a username and password to apply for jobs.
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Students can view postings; Employers can post opportunities.
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Jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities
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Green Jobs/Sustainability Careers
Lists positions in the K-12 schools systems in Maine
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Positions at colleges, universities, and organizations.
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Labor statistics and information
US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Websites to search for opportunities:
Any resident of Maine is welcome to visit VolunteerMaine for the purpose of finding a volunteer opportunity, making an in-kind donation, applying for a board of directors position or seeking training or participation in emergency response opportunities.
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Volunteer NH is many things including a central site for volunteers and volunteer programs.
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Volunteer with their partner agencies in the Nashua area.
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Degree related jobs, general work postings, student opportunities (including work study), and volunteer positions.

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Maine & New Hampshire (and nationwide)
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national company
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Maine, Massachusetts, and Tennessee
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Maine, New Hampshire and beyond
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So neat. Only lists companies with current openings.
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Simply search for the location of a store and apply.
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Outside of ME & NH