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College/university representative are the BEST RESOURCE for information about the institution, their programs and majors, and transferability of courses.

Colleges schedule time to spend on campus during the fall and spring semesters. All will spend time tabling in the lobby and anyone can stop by to ask questions and learn more about the college.

Some colleges will also offer 1on1 appointments (sign-up necessary). Ask questions, have your unofficial transcript(s) reviewed, and receive guidance on course selection for upcoming semesters as it pertains to that college. Do some research online first and be prepared to ask them questions. See the handouts section for What to Do, Bring, Expect as well as The Transfer Process 

How do I find out who will be visiting and when?

The MyYCCC Career & Transfer Calendar of course! Reminders are also included in the Weekly Dose email each week.

Quick Schedule of who/when (more details on calendar):

M 1/29 Kaplan University (Lobby)
M 2/5 University of Southern Maine (1on1s and Lobby)
T 2/13 University of New England (1on1s and Lobby); Kaplan University (Lobby)
W 2/21 University of Southern Maine (1on1s and lobby); UMaine Augusta (Lobby)
R 2/22 Saint Joseph's College of Maine (1on1s and lobby)
R 3/1 [POSTPONED] University of New England (1on1s and Lobby)
T 3/20 UMaine Augusta (Lobby)
W 3/21 University of Maine (1on1s and lobby); Kaplan University (Lobby)
R 3/22 University of Southern Maine (1on1s and Lobby)
M 3/26 University of New Hampshire (Lobby)
W 3/28 Bryant University (Lobby)
W 4/4 UMaine Augusta (Lobby)
T 4/10 University of Southern Maine (1on1s and Lobby)
W 4/11 Saint Joseph's College of Maine (1on1s and Lobby)
R 4/12 Kaplan University (Lobby)
T 4/17 UMaine Augusta (Lobby)
W 4/18 University of Maine (1on1s and lobby)
M 4/23 UMaine Machias (Lobby)
M 4/30 Kaplan University (Lobby)
Spring semester ends 5/5/18

Fall 2017: 1st Annual ART & DESIGN Transfer Day at YCCC!
Montserrat College of Art (MA) and MECA: Maine College of Art will be on campus for presentations as well as questions and review of student work.

Schedule for Monday, November 6:
12:00 Event opens in the lobby of the P&W Building
2:30 Montserrat College of Art presentation (auditorium)
3:00 MECA arrives for questions and artwork review
4:00 MECA presentation (auditorium)
6:00 event ends

Snacks and refreshments provided!

How do I get my artwork displayed for this event?
Contact Mike Lee or 207-216-4367 for more information.


FRIDAY, December 8, 2017

Transfer Students interested in applying for Spring, Summer, or Fall 2018 are eligible to participate in this program. Meet with a Transfer Advisor and receive a decision on your application that day!*


  1. You must complete and submit an application to USM by Friday, November 17 (no exceptions!). Use Application fee waived for Maine residents.
  2. You must bring with you to your appointment (or submit to USM by Friday, December 1), ALL of the following:
    1. Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended (sealed and signed)
    2. Official high school transcript/GED/HiSET/TSAC scores (unless you have already earned another college degree)
    3. Essay/personal statement (minimum of 250 words)
    4. SAT/AC scores (waived for those who have earned at least 12 college credits)
    5. TOEFL/IELTS score (If English is not your first language)
    6. Resume (optional)
  3. If you are able to accomplish #1 and #2, then you can RSVP for a slot! Stop into Student Affairs or contact me at or 207.216.4400.

*The University reserves the right to request additional information to aid in the proper review of your file, in such cases, an instant decision may be delayed.

A more detailed description of eligibility and requirements can be found in Student Affairs (it also was emailed to your YCCC account on 11/8).

If you have questions about the process, contact Chris Fox at USM or 207.780.4793




Workshops are usually co-hosted with a faculty member or student organization. Ask your professor/student organization to host something!

SP18 Career Readiness Workshop Series:

Tuesday, February 27 11:00-12:15 in Hannaford Lecture Hall
Steve Lavigne, Owner of Shellback Artworks: Ninja Turtles Artwork

Monday, March 26 9:30-10:45 in Mid-Cafe
Design & Architecture Workshop/Lecture
Brian Beaudette of Brian Beaudette Architects; Stefan Vittori of TANGRAM 3DS; Sarah Huber of Siemens Industry Inc.

Monday, April 9 4:00-5:15 in Mid-Cafe
Employer Panel: Advice for Students (and bring your questions!)
Scott Brown, Director of Sales at Plixer; Phil Ludwig, Audit Consultant at A-Hold Delhaize Corporatoin (Hannaford)

2018: Wednesday, April 11 @Nasson Community Center. 1:00-5:00p

> Growing List of Employers Attending

2017: Wednesday, April 5 @Nasson Community Center
2016: Friday, March 27 @Nasson Community Center
2015: Friday, April 8 @Nasson Community Center

About: In April 2013, YCCC partnered with the York County CareerCenter (and many other organizations) to host the 3rd Annual York County Regional Job Fair. In doing so, we were able to represent many degree programs and occupational interests of our students.

Why go to a Career/Job Fair? The fair is for making contacts with employers, learning more about those employers and what they do, as well as meet with those who have open positions.

Is your organization hiring? If you are an employer that will be recruiting for open positions and would like to participate in the fair, contact the York County CareerCenter. Please also submit a posting to the YCCC Online Opportunities Board.

How to Prep for a Job Fair Workshops
This workshop is usually offered in three different locations leading up to the annual career fair. Stay tuned for more details in the spring.

Listing of other college's career fairs that may be open to YCCC students:

Wed 3/7 10:30-1:30


Granite State College (NH, online) (Viewed: 51 times)
Maine College of Art (MECA) (Viewed: 54 times)
Merrimack College (MA) (Viewed: 79 times)
Montserrat College of Art (MA) (Viewed: 58 times)
New England College (Viewed: 36 times)
Saint Joseph's College of Maine (Viewed: 46 times)
UMaine Augusta (Augusta, Bangor, Saco, online) (Viewed: 46 times)
UMaine Farmington (Viewed: 33 times)
UMaine Fort Kent (Viewed: 40 times)
University of New England (Viewed: 60 times)
University of Southern Maine (Viewed: 81 times)
UMass Lowell (MA, online) (Viewed: 59 times)
Colleges that had to cancel
Emerson College (MA) (Viewed: 87 times)
Maine Maritime Academy (Viewed: 52 times)
Mount Ida College (MA) (Viewed: 43 times)
Southern New Hampshire University (Viewed: 45 times)
Thomas College (Viewed: 54 times)
University of Maine (Viewed: 47 times)
UMaine Machias (Viewed: 55 times)
Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA) (Viewed: 73 times)
University of New Hampshire (Viewed: 50 times)
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