The most important things to understand:
  • what transfers varies from college/university and even within majors at the same college/university
  • the receiving college/university makes the decision about what credits will transfer and how
  • it varies from college/university to the next how accessible they make this information to prospective transfer students (the University of Maine System has an online tool that is a guide - though is not always 100% up to date - called MaineStreet. There is also a handout available on how to use this tool here)
  • your grade in each course will need to be a minimum of a C (sometimes it's higher) to make it eligible to transfer
  • what will transfer can impact what courses you decide to take here at YCCC, so...
  • start researching and connecting with transfer admissions advisors at the colleges you're considering NOW
More about transferring credits and the transfer process can be found in the handout: The Transfer Process