It is important to start learning about and connecting with the colleges and universities you're thinking of transferring to as soon as possible. How can you learn about and be in touch with them?
  • YCCC Transfer Fair and YCCC Transfer 1on1 Days
  • Lobby tables (listed on the MyYCCC calendar)
  • Open houses at colleges and universities
Be sure to do some research before asking questions (you'll make more of your time!). You can do this by: visiting their website, talking to current students or alumni, liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter or Pinterest. For more information, read: The Transfer Process
The most important things to understand:
  • what transfers varies from college/university and even within majors at the same college/university
  • the receiving college/university makes the decision about what credits will transfer and how
  • it varies from college/university to the next how accessible they make this information to prospective transfer students (the University of Maine System has an online tool that is a guide - though is not always 100% up to date - called MaineStreet. There is also a handout available on how to use this tool here)
  • your grade in each course will need to be a minimum of a C (sometimes it's higher) to make it eligible to transfer
  • what will transfer can impact what courses you decide to take here at YCCC, so...
  • start researching and connecting with transfer admissions advisors at the colleges you're considering NOW
More about transferring credits and the transfer process can be found in the handout: The Transfer Process
    Programs in partnership with the Maine Community College System
      Exploring Transfer
     at Vassar College
    What is it? A FULL scholarship SUMMER 5-week program for Maine Community College students interested in an introduction to the competitive liberal arts four-year college.
    How do I apply?
    Starting sometime in February, you can access and download that year's program application via the above website. Complete your application and submit it for review to: Jess Gagne, YCCC Career & Transfer Services by March 1. Jess will review your application and with work with you if any edits are needed. All materials will be sent to Vassar before the program deadline of March TBD.
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    For YCCC
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    What is SIGI3? It is an education and career planning site. It uses assessment tools as well college and career information to help you start or continue your exploration of options.
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    Please note: the degrees at the colleges listed are only suggestions.
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    The career you have your mind set on may require or prefer certain undergraduate degrees of applicants. Be sure to check out the list of career exploration tools to learn what's what.
    Maine specific
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    This search function is no longer available. UMS will be providing a revamped version sometime in the future.
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    National sites
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    Use the occupation or keyword search to find educational programs and the institutions that offer these programs. The keyword search can search the Occupation Title, Instructional Program Title, or Postsecondary Institution Name.
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    Here is a useful tool for thinking about how certain majors can turn into careers. It doesn't have all of the possible majors, but, it has quite a lot. Check it out!
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    This program is designed for women of nontraditional age to earn a bachelor's degree at one of the nation's most distinguished liberal arts colleges for women (and this includes community college transfer students!). The program includes a generous amount of funding.

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    This program is designed for women of nontraditional age to earn a bachelor's degree at one of the nation's most distinguished liberal arts colleges for women (and this includes community college transfer students!). The program is generously funded.

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    Also known as the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Exchange

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    There are so many different kinds of online education options. All online, hybrid, weekend only campus visits and more. Always look for an accredited program. Remember, if it's online, you don't have to travel, so the program can be anywhere! The link above is a brief guide to types of distance learning.
    Below find links to online programs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts (as there may be discounts for New England residents -- make sure to look!):
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    CT, RI, VT
    BS Professional Studies with a focus in Organizational Studies
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    BS Business Administration
    BA Interdisciplinary Studies

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    and beyond:
    Criminology & Criminal Justice
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