Would you like to get an Announcement or Event listed on the MyYCCC portal home page?


This section is for short-term announcements that expire.

To submit an announcement, please email all of the following to Jason Arey at jarey@yccc.edu:

  1. brief headline
  2. brief one sentence description
  3. link/url to more information or your department/area home page

*Please send the information as text so that it can be a quick copy/paste.


Items on the MyYCCC home calendar are:

  • events happening on campus that you would like the campus community to be aware of (be sure to include time and location)
  • important deadlines that may not make sense as announcement (i.e. Fall Semester Begins, Holiday/College Closed)
  • auto feed of Lobby Table reservations

With calendar posts, it is optional to include more text information or a link.