What is Retention?


The Beacon Project is managed by our Director of Retention Services, Claudette Dupee, and is designed to keep students on track academically.

Listed below are a few examples of student issues that should be “beaconed” by their faculty/instructor:

  1. First week no shows
  2. Student stopped logging in/attending class or has erratic login/attendance
  3. Student shows up unprepared or doesn’t participate in class
  4. Lack of response to outreach
  5. Frequent or chronic illness
  6. Poor grades

If you have questions about any of these behaviors or issues that get in the way of student success, please contact Claudette Dupee 207-216-4479 or cdupee@yccc.edu.

To make a referral, send Claudette an email including all of the following information:

  1. Date of referral
  2. Student name
  3. Faculty making referral
  4. Course and section
  5. Reason for concern

The Beacon Office will follow up to let you know what steps have been taken to assist the student. Please note, certain situations may not allow them to share the action steps we have taken to support the student. The goal of the Beacon Project is to proactively reach out to students and get them connected to some of our support services so they can succeed academically.