Students who drive often use their cars as their campus “headquarters,” storing books and supplies in between classes in their vehicle to avoid carrying everything around with them. Students who are dropped off or come via the WAVE bus have no option but to cart their “stuff” from place to place around the building.

In an attempt to solve this problem, there are two banks of lockers which are located on the 1st floor of the A wing in the vicinity of the vending machines. These lockers are available for daily use only to students who provide their own lock. There will be no registration process to use these lockers. Instead, bring your own lock, place it on an empty locker and use it to store your jackets, books, and other school related items in between classes for that day. Each locker must be emptied by the end of the day or the lock will be cut and contents removed. The College will not be responsible for your items while they are in the locker. In using the locker, you accept full responsibility for the contents. First priority should go to students who have no other place to store their items during the day, however, any student can use a locker. We will watch to see if this idea catches on. If it is determined that more students would use the lockers than we have space for, we will consider installing additional lockers.