Congratulations Graduates!

Welcome to the Graduation section of the portal. Here you will find important information on the steps you need to take to be considered a graduate of York County Community College. Due to COVID-19 we do not have specific details on the commencement ceremony at this time. Please check back later this Spring for information.

Intent to Graduate Deadlines

March 15th, if you want to participate in the May commencement ceremony

April 15th, if you plan to complete your requirements in May, but who do not wish to participate in the ceremony

July 15th if you plan to complete your requirements in August

November 15th, if you plan to complete your requirements in December

Graduation and Commencement

In order to be officially coded as a graduate of YCCC, you must submit the Intent to Graduate Form by the designated deadline, and meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the College Catalog  (starts on page 47).

YCCC Offers three different graduation groups: Fall, Spring, and Summer. However, there is only one Commencement Ceremony that takes place each year in May. This is the formal ceremony where students have the option to participate in celebrating their academic accomplishments along with fellow classmates, family and friends, college leadership, as well as faculty and staff.

Venue Information - The Sanford Performing Arts Center


The Sanford Performing Arts Center will be the site for our commencement ceremony. Located at 100 Alumni Blvd. in Sanford, Maine, this will be the first Commencement ceremony held at this space. The 854-seat theater opened in December 2018. For more information on the venue, visit:

Form Completion:

Please complete the Intent to Graduate form in its entirety. Incomplete requests may result in delayed processing.

Multiple Majors:

An Intent to Graduate From must be submitted for each different certificate/degree you wish to obtain.

Completion Process:

Once you submit this form, you will receive an official degree audit and letter from the Office of Registration & Records indicating remaining requirements needed to receive degree. If you fail to meet the listed requirements within one semester of notification, you will need to submit an updated Intent to Graduate form.

Graduation Dates:

There are three graduation groups per academic year: Spring (May), Summer (August) and Fall (December). There is only one Commencement ceremony that takes place in May of each year.

Commencement Eligibility:

In order to be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony, students must have completed all of their requirements (or be within one course of completion) by the end of the spring semester. Students who completed their requirements in the previous summer or fall terms who did not march in the previous commencement are welcome to participate.

* Please note, Participation in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee award conferral, you still need to satisfactorily complete the remaining requirements in the soonest term possible.

Commencement Details:

Details regarding date, time and venue will be forthcoming. It is important for the student to check their preferred email that they listed on their Intent to Graduate form for important ceremony details including when and where to order and pickup regalia, applying for tickets, special accommodations etc. (These emails are typically sent out in April).

* As a reminder, students with any outstanding financial obligations (Financial Aid, Business, or Library holds) will not be allowed to participate until the obligation is taken care of and the hold is removed. Students receiving financial aid loans must complete an exit interview with the Financial Aid Office in order to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Since the commencement ceremony takes place at the end of the spring semester before grades are due, you will not receive your actual diploma at the ceremony (you will receive a case). Diplomas are ordered through an outside company and will be mailed directly to the student at the address indicated on the Intent to Graduate form. If you need to update the address after the semester, please contact the Academic Affairs Office.

Ordering Your Regalia (Cap & Gown)

If you plan to participate in the May Commencement ceremony, please  check your e-mail in mid-March to fill out the survey for your regalia (cap and gown).  

Once it has been confirmed that you are eligible to participate in the ceremony, the Office of Registration & Records will send additional information outlining next steps. As a reminder, students will not be eligible to participate in commencement if they have a balance on their account and/or have not completed Student Loan Exit Counseling. 

Guest Ticket Information

The survey for your regalia will also include information about guest tickets. On the survey please indicate the number of tickets you wish to receive, and if accommodations will be needed. Please note that due to limited seating in the venue, not all tickets are guaranteed. 


Honors students will receive distinction as indicated by a gold tassel at Commencement.
To be considered Honors status, students must meet the cumulative GPA requirements of 3.5 - 4.0 by the end of the Fall semester.
Calculation for Commencement GPA does not include spring semester grades, as calculation of spring semester grades for all students cannot be determined prior to Commencement.
Cumulative GPAs made after spring semester grades are posted, will be displayed on final transcripts.
If you have any questions, please contact The Office of Registration & Records at

Purchasing Your Phi Theta Kappa Stole

If you are member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, you can purchase your PTK honor stole through the PTK website

For additional information, please contact PTK advisor, Paul Archer,