Areas of study in the YCCC associate’s degree include accounting, economics, finance, international business, human resource management and supervision, sales and marketing, basic computer operations and business law. An associate's degree in business will be a stepping stone into the business industry and ready you for a future bachelor's degree.
Common entry level job titles:
Business Administrative Assistant; Associate Store Manager; Insurance Agent; Sales Agent; Human Relations Assistant; Office Manager; Retail Management Associate; Management Trainee
Additional entry level job titles with a concentration in finance:
Assistant Bank Branch Manager; Branch Bank Manager Trainee; Bank Customer Service Representative; Loan Officer Trainee; Insurance Agent; Stockbroker Trainee; online/phone investor support positions; Mutual Fund Advisor; Financial Planner Assistant
YCCC Program
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There is also a Finance concentration option

Occupational Information
Professional Organizations
This is just a sample list to get you started:
Bachelor degree options in Maine
The listings below are only suggestions and are subject to change. It is always best to check directly with the college for the most current information. [last update: Dec 13]
Be sure to ask early about transferability of credits. Sometimes business-related programs have additional accreditations which can impact credit transfer beyond the college's regular accreditation.
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Business Administration (general major offered at multiple locations)*articulation agreement info
Business Administration, Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management concentration   
Business Administration, Financial Management concentration
Business Administration, International Business concentration
Business Administration, Management concentration 
Business Administration, Marketing concentration   
Business Administration, Retail Management concentration
Business & Technology
Computer Information Systems
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Sport Management
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Business Administration (campus or online) *articulation agreement info
Health Care Administration (campus or online)
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International Business & Logistics
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Business Administration (campus or online)
Business & Sports Management
Communications, Business Communications
Communications, Sports Communications
Health Administration (online)
Human Resource Management
International Business
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Most programs are also offered online
Business Administration *articulation agreement info
Business Administration/Human Resource Management 
Business Administration/Organizational Leadership
Business Administration/Small Business Management
Business Studies/Business Finance 
Business Studies/International Management
Business Studies/Operations & Project Management
Business Studies/Sport Management
Communication/Professional Writing
Healthcare Management
Social Entrepreneurship
Technical Management
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Entrepreneurship/Small Business
Hospitality Management
Hotel & Restaurant Management
International Business
Sport Management
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Business Administration
Financial Economics
International Business
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism
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Business Administration: Management (campus or online)
Business Administration: Management, Computer Information Systems concentration  
Business Administration: Management, Financial Services concentration
Business Administration: Management, Public Administration concentration
Business Administration: Management, Small Business concentration 
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Business Economics
Business Psychology
Outdoor Recreation Business Administration
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Business Management
Financial Services
Healthcare Administration (campus or online)
Human Resources
Sport Management
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Business & Entrepreneurial Studies (online)
Business Sustainability
Sport & Fitness Management
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Business Administration
Business Administration, Management & Leadership concentration
Business Administration, Project Management & Information Systems concentration
Business Administration, Recreation concentration
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Business Administration
Sport Managment
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General Management
General Management, Entrepreneurship & Small Business track
General Management, International Business track 
General Management, Risk Management & Insurance track
General Management, Sustainable Business track
Sports Management
Technology Management
Technology Management, Construction Management track
Technology Management, Industrial Management track  
Technology Management, Information & Communications Technology Management track
Tourism & Hospitality
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