Online Counseling

Hello Students,

We are now providing online telemental health services to you once the office is officially and temporarily closed, and in fact, I was working on this service to you for many months prior to the coronavirus challenge. 

The time-consuming piece for your protection is the ethical and legal considerations, which I'm happy to say were the cornerstone of the work beforehand...we have three documents on this page under the TELEMENTAL HEALTH section that will set you up to use this service.

Telemental Health Intake Form

The Intake Form is basic information needed to help set the stage for any work we might do now and going into the future.

Informed Consent Form

The most important form is the Informed Consent, which you must carefully read, sign and date before starting the service.  This explains the service, limits of confidentiality and more.

There is an ad in that section, also, which I encourage you to read.  While I created the form to advertise to online-only and ADA-related circumstances for online counseling, at this time, the service is open to all enrolled students due to our having to "stay in place" for health reasons. 

For Wellness, I will also be adding information to this Portal Page in Counseling & Wellness that I hope will bring you increased peace, joy and wellness for mind, body and spirit.

Sincerely, Penny Remick, Counselor