Bookstore: Book Buy Back Info

For more information on how to sell your books back to the YCCC Bookstore, click the link below:

How To Print Rental Shipping Label.pdf

If you cannot print your own shipping label, you can email the bookstore directly and they will send you a shipping label.  Email:

For more information on the YCCC Bookstore Buy Back program, click the link below:

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For you to know:

New Student Orientation

Greetings Students!

Below is a link to our online version of New Student Orientation where you will find information about many of the programs and services we offer here at York County Community College to help you successfully navigate the college experience.  We created this online version of orientation so that all students (online, in class, returning and new students) would have access to this important information.  We strongly encourage all students to check it out as it highlights valuable resources that will improve your experience here at YCCC.

For best results, open this link in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

NSO sets students up for success as they begin their education at YCCC.

At NSO you will:

  • meet key staff members and resources
  • meet other new students
  • chat with faculty
  • receive an introduction to YCCC electronic communication tools
  • learn the basics of utilizing Brightspace
  • understand the role of advising in your student success
  • get acquainted with campus safety and student involvement options
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Click on this link to begin the assessment for alcohol.


Click on this link to begin the assessment for cannibis/marijuana.


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