The mission of the Career & Transfer Services Office is to connect YCCC students with the information, tools, and resources they need to make informed decisions about their educational and career goals now and in the future. Find the office in the Student Affairs suite on the first floor.

Be sure to utilize the Maine state CareerCenters. They have workshops, job fairs, and one-one-one meeting available. The closest to YCCC are Springvale and Portland:

Ways to connect:
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#2 Source: Career & Transfer Weekly Dose (via YCCC email)
#3 Source: online/social media
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You will always find pathways to more information here on the MyYCCC portal. If you'd like to interact with the office, get updates on job search articles and tips, advice on transfer, and last minute announcements, be sure to connect in the ways listed above!
Career & Transfer Services
Student Affairs
Transfer related:

Go under Transfer Handouts and click on THE TRANSFER PROCESS. This should answer some of your basic questions. Once you've had a chance to read it, you can request an appointment with Jess Gagne.

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This process happens with Enrollment Services. Any other documents you may need to apply to your next college/university will need to come from the source directly (high school, testing service agency, etc.)

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Information about Background Checks
This is not an exhaustive list. Below you will find articles and resources to get you started.
Required during your program
Please note: not clearing a criminal background check or other institutional, state, or federal requirements may affect your ability to complete the below programs:
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This will not be required while you are at YCCC but will be before you are accepted at SMCC or another institution.
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Not required during your degree program,
but highly likely during your job search/internship:
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Definitely required during your internship or job search.
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Not required during your degree program,
but possible during your internship, volunteer, or job search:
This will largely depend on the position, company, and industry.
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