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The UMS is comprised of seven universities (some with multiple campuses) and eight University College outreach centers, a law school, course sites, and a Cooperative Extension. The Maine Community College System (MCCS) is a separate system.

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It's the UMS distance education organization (closest physical location is Saco!).

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Yes to both!

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PLEASE NOTE: The information found in these tools is only a baseline and will provide a start to your research. However, you are strongly encouraged to speak with a transfer admissions advisor at each institution you're considering. Why? Programs and policies change frequently and sometimes all of the information as it pertains to you specifically can't be captured in the database.

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Click through for information provided from YCCC faculty member Dianne Fallon. BLOCK refers to general education/core transfer.

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If you have transferred before completing your YCCC degree or certificate, you may be eligible to do a "reverse transfer." This means transferring back to YCCC any other college credits you have earned since leaving that fit into the YCCC degree requirements. If you have gone on to study at one of the University of Maine campuses, please find more information and the participation and request form via the link above. Requests in either case are processed through YCCC Enrollment Services.

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