Department Chairs

If you need Department Chair Approval to register for a course, or have questions that require Department Chair attention, please use this guide below.

Name Department Chair Course Pre-Fixes They Oversee
Cathy Ferrick Behavioral Health, Gerontology GRN, HUS, SWO
David Susman Humanities, Early Childhood, Education ART, ECE, EDU, HIS, HUM, MUS, PHI, THE
Dianne Fallon English ENG, SPE
Jennifer Mallett Mathematics MAT, PHY
Krista Marvel Culinary Arts, Hospitality CUL, HOS
Lee Kassler Precision Machining ADM, PMT
Lisa Murphy Social Science ANT, POS, PSY, SOC
Maria Niswonger Natural Science BIO, CHM, SCI
Matt Kaszubinski Allied Health ALH, MAS, NUR
Mike Lee Digital Media COM, MUL
Peg Wheeler Veterinary Tech ACM, VET
Stephen Paulone Business  ACC, BUS, ECO, FIN
Tom McGinn Architecture, Computer ARC, CAD, CIS, NET, WEB
Tracey Cornell Criminal Justice CJS