Important Dates and Deadlines

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Please reference the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?

You can Drop a course during the advertised Add/Drop period. During this period, you will not be held financially responsible if you drop the course and the course will not show on your Academic Transcript.

The Withdraw period immediately precedes the Add/Drop period. During this period, you will be held financially responsible if you withdraw from the course (if you receive Financial Aid, you will need to meet with a Financial Aid counselor to discuss how withdrawing will impact your bill) and the course will show on your Academic Transcript, but it will not be calculated into the GPA.

For more information, please view page 37 of the College Catalog

Things to consider when looking to withdraw:

Have you spoken with your instructor and/or advisor? Have you visited with the Learning Center to seek additional help in the course? How will it affect your billing/financial aid? How is this course impacting your other courses?

Wish to Continue with the Withdraw?

Step 1: Talk with your instructor and your advisor and Learning Center

Step 2: Talk to Billing/Financial Aid

Step 3: Complete the Withdrawal Form with the Enrollment Services Office (Withdrawal Form is not located online) You MUST formally withdraw with Enrollment Services, your instructors DO NOT have the ability to withdraw you from a course.

*You can also email or call one of the following phone numbers for assistance with processing the withdrawal. We will honor any detailed messages left at the email or these phone lines by the designated deadlines (for instance after office hours).

(207) 216-4492

(207) 216-4402

(207) 216-4401