For New and Transfer Students Attending YCCC

1.  Choose a Program of Study at YCCC- Apply for admissions in one of our programs of study: Admissions Application Click Here . Contact Admission. 207.261.4409 or .

Credit programs: A new applicant will completed the Admissions application  and will then schedule a time to meet the School VA Certifying Official, Barbara Winchell, Financial Aid Director. 207.216.4410 or Be sure to ask our Admissions staff about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) where you may be able to earn credits for experiences gained outside postsecondary education. The American Council On Education is where you can request a military transcript. Go here to request one. Reducing the total number of courses you have to take to earn your degree can lower your total college expenses.
Non-Credit programs: Same as above.


2. Sign up for VA Benefits-

Credit and Non-Credit programs: Apply online for federal VA benefits called the VONAPP by going to: and click on “Apply for Benefits”. Transfer students will have to complete another form in the VONAPP called the 22-1995. Dependents & Spouses of Veterans complete VA form 22-5490. Within 2 weeks the student will  receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) from the VA. Please provide a copy to the respective YCCC Certifying Official.


3.  Sign up for YCCC course-

Credit programs: After our Admissions staff have met the student to discuss educational goals, he/she will sign up for courses. The student will also be assigned an Advisor.
Non-Credit programs: Our Continuing Education staff will meet with you to discuss your educational goals and sign you up for courses.


4. Submit Request For Certification form-

Credit programs: Submit the Request For Certification (form below) form 30-40 days prior to the beginning of the next semester of attendance to Barbara Winchell, Financial Aid Director.
Non-Credit programs: not required.


Students enrolled in Credit programs are strongly encouraged to also submit the FAFSA at to be considered for other sources of funding.

If you want to view your personal Federal VA Benefits online, please log-in HERE. First time recipients are strongly encouraged to call V.A. Buffalo to understand your educational benefit options: 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GIBILL 1)


5. Consider doing a FAFSA-

If you are pursuing credit courses through a degree/certificate program, see what the FAFSA will offer as other forms of financial aid: .