Here you will find a list of commonly asked questions, organized by the general topic of the questions. For example, if you cannot log in see the User Account section below.

User Account

How to Log on to your YCCC user account for the first time.

(.pdf, 139K)

Step-by-step instructions on how to change your YCCC password using the Outlook Web App you use to access your YCCC email.

**This document requires you to know your account recovery option that you setup during your first logon to email.

(.pdf, 155K)

Campus Software and Network

This PDF offers suggestions from the IT department on what to look for when buying a computer as a YCCC student.

(.pdf, 733K)

This guide will show staff and faculty how to use the FortiClient VPN software to access to campus remotely.

(.pdf, 365K)

This document walks you through downloading and installing Office 356, which is free for all students, staff, and faculty.

(.pdf, 361K)

This document walks through how to upload a file and share it with someone.

(.pdf, 101K)

Instructions for accessing the college wireless network.

(.pdf, 171K)

Info graphic pertaining to best practice processes to follow while using the ZOOM service for meetings and course work. 

(.pdf, 77K)


This document shows you how to add your YCCC email to your mobile device. 

(.pdf, 129K)

This document goes over some basic ways to tell if an e-mail is fraudulent.

(.pdf, 140K)

You must have permissions and access levels to add the mailbox. 

(.pdf, 109K)

How to show the "From" field in Outlook email. Allows user to pick the sender email to show the recipient. For example, instead of showing "From: Joe Smith" when sending from "YCCC Email" shared mailbox, Joe Smith can pick the "YCCC Email" mailbox and the recipient will see that instead of "Joe Smith". 

(.pdf, 552K)
There are no Handouts for this set.